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SimplePack RC2/RC4 available soon!

Long-awaited SimplePack Sigfox device for RC2 and RC4 will be available within a month. Contact us for samples.
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New devices in our roadmap

We are preparing two new devices now
SimpleTemp – nicely designed temp/humidity indoor/outdoor sensor with 10 years battery life at 17 Euro/20 USD
SimpleTemp CO2 – nicely designed temp/humidity and CO2 indoor/outdoor sensor with 10 years battery life at 57 Euro/68 USD

Our intention is to do products that are:

  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • Well designed
  • Single purposed
  • Super long lasting batteries
  • Reliable
  • Mass produced
  • No retrofits
  • White labeled
  • No SW and/or connectivity attached
  • Fully functional demo platform
  • Simple to integrate with fully opened and well documented public documentation
  • Not requiring complicated local certification
  • Available in all RCs
  • Lacking in the market
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New features of SimplePack device

Two new modes have been added: container overturn/emptying and engine vibrating/running.
Map visualization for button, track and trace modes is available.
Short click / long press / double click can be distinguished.
Level of vibration sensitivity can be set.

Please see the updated datasheet here.

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