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SimplePack 2.0 is a multipurpose device for integrators to build various IoT solutions upon. PACK OF 100 UNITS. The device can be remotely configured for 7 different modes depending on the needs...
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SimplePack 2.0 is a multipurpose device for integrators to build various IoT solutions upon.


The device can be remotely configured for 7 different modes depending on the needs of a particular usage enabling tens of possible business cases. Read more about use cases here.

Device includes:

  • Accelerometer
  • LED diode
  • Clicking button with haptic feedback
  • Sigfox modem
  • Antenna
  • Non-replaceable, non-rechargeable, long-lasting battery

  • Device Specifications:

  • Packaged in a nice, small and waterproof case
  • Plenty of space for a branded sticker or maybe a UV print and of course the two-sided tape which holds the device where it's needed
  • Endless possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Geolocation
  • Waterproof through ultrasonic welding and no openings (no official IP rating - however, the manufacturing process is identical to the way the SimplePack 3.0 Plus Full is made - and this device has an official IP68 rating)
  • Battery type: Primary LiMnO2 (non-rechargeable, non-replaceable), 550 mAh
  • Size: 65 x 25 x 10mm
  • Battery longevity: 4000 messages (in guard mode - 10 years)
  • *the number of messages and battery longevity in years was taken from some testing we've done with the SimplePack (both versions) - the devices were in the Guard me mode and were not sending more 140 messages/day (Sigfox daily limit). For more info read here.
  • Dimensions: 65x29x10 mm
  • Volume: 18 cm³
  • Weight: 17g
  • Open and documented API (can be found right here)

  • IoT platform:

  • The most advanced Sigfox platform IOFrog.com available for your use (3 months free trial)
  • Support of tens of other IoT platforms, multi-language support, all devices in one place
  • Map view - Custom markers based on device status, tracing the history, the difference between the home position and current position
  • Notifications - SMS and E-mail notifications set on device level
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Watch the webinar recording and slides to learn more here.

  • Use cases:

  • Window, door guard/ monitoring
  • Office chair monitoring (you can find more about this use case here)
  • Elderly care - either as an emergency panic button (we've written a blog post about this!) or to monitor the movement and the position
  • Coffee machine and coffee bean consumption monitoring - reorder button, maintenance
  • Guard your assets (bikes, cars, drawer, house, etc)
  • Manhole cover monitoring, watch a video tutorial on how it works
  • Horizontal barrier gates monitoring (checking status and position of the gate, major impact)
  • Order button (repeated ordering of goods such as office supplies, food)
  • And much more

  • SimplePack 2.0 can be used only for Sigfox Atlas tracking with the precision of 1km. If you are looking for precise localization - WiFi-based tracking - please see SimplePack 3.0 Plus WiFi tracker.

      The 2.0 version also has noticeable improvements over the first one, among them a brighter LED light, a button of higher quality so the clicking is proper, QR code containing the ID and the PAC engraved with laser and much more modes found in the API 5. The product is available as white-labeled - no SW / platform and no connectivity is sold with the device. It is simple to integrate with fully opened and well documented public documentation. 
      Product's datasheet: here.
      Check out more at the Sigfox Partner's network: RC1RC3.
      Interested in physical sensors and how do they work? Here is the webinar.
      Developed and mass-manufactured in the Czech Republic.
      For other RC zones, please see SimplePack 3.0 Plus.


      100 x SimplePack 2.0 - Sigfox accelerometer & button device

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