As low as €110.00

A demonstration set of 6 SimplePack Sigfox devices - DevKit edition incl. Sigfox connectivity

SimpleBox presents all the six modes that SimplePack can be configured for depending on the needs of a particular use case.

Look at everything the device can do!

It contains 6 devices with

  • Assembly language programmable MCU
  • Accelerometer
  • LED diode
  • Button
  • Sigfox modem
  • Antenna
  • Non replaceable, non rechargeable battery
DevKit Edition rev. 1.2 with platinum Sigfox connectivity for 1 year and with geolocation
Each device is pre-programmed for a different mode
  1. Press (button) – order, notify, control or alert worldwide
  2. Track – location tracking of any movement / impact (luggage, pallet, asset)
  3. Trace – real time journey tracing of a package and any impact
  4. Guard – notification of any movement or bang (door, car, bike, house)
  5. Put Me Back – monitor turnover of any object, control by turning over (garbage bin, road sign)
  6. Monitor Me – run times and level of vibration of any engine
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