simplePack 2.0 DevKit Edition

As low as €19.00

SimplePack is a Sigfox enabled multi-purpose device that integrators can build their IoT solutions upon.

The devkit version with a one year full Sigfox connectivity subscription is an ideal tool to be used for hackathons, development and testing purposes.

As the SimplePack is an ideal tool for trying out Sigfox, fine tuning any IoT platform and an excellent device for hackathon, it can be used as a development kit with one year full connectivity that can be easily registered and activated online at

Please note that the devkit device cannot be used for commercial purposes and the connectivity cannot be renewed.

SimplePack DevKit Edition contains:

  • SimplePack 2.0
  • 1year platinum Sigfox connectivity (non-renewable) - please contact your local Sigfox operator if you want to continue with the subscription
  • Full featured demo platform available (90 day trial included) and support of tens of other IoT platforms

Size: 65 x 25 x 10mm

Battery longevity: 4000 messages (in guard mode - 10 years)

New in version 2.0

  • Bright LED light
  • Properly clicking button
  • Laser engraving with QR code containing ID and PAC
  • Based on feedback of current 876 customers we expanded modes and configurability exponentially. For details of the new API5 and its possibilities please check
  • Expanded documentation and support
  • Full support by enabling immediate mass deployment and device management

Possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Geolocation are endless
See many examples of business cases solveable through Simple Hardware here.

Mass-manufactured and tested in the Czech Republic.

Nice, small, waterproof case. 

UV print branding and paper packaging available at extra charge. Contact us with your inquiry.


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