simplePack Plus 3.0 Full

As low as €34.00

SimplePack Plus is a universal, button / LED / accelerometer / magnetometer / reed sensor / WiFi, small form factor, IP67 device lasting 10 years on a battery.
It has a slightly larger case and battery than SimplePack.

Coming soon - preorder now!

  • Accelerometer
  • LED diode
  • Clicking button with haptic feedback
  • Ambi temperature
  • Light sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Magnetometer
  • Reed
  • WiFi
  • Sigfox modem
  • Antenna
  • Non replaceable, non rechargeable, long lasting battery

Size: 81 x 29 x 12mm

Battery longevity: 30000 messages (Typical life time in guard mode - 10 years)

Possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Geolocation are endless.
See all the examples of business cases solveable through Simple Hardware here.

Mass-manufactured and tested in the Czech Republic

Nice, small, waterproof case

UV print branding and paper packaging available at extra charge - contact us with your inquiry

Full featured demo platform available and support of tens of other IoT platforms

simplePack Plus variations
MOQ for each variation (except Full version) is 500 units.

device sensors price
simplePack Plus 3.0 Sound button button, LED, buzzer, accelerometer, ambi temperature €22
simplePack Plus 3.0 Lite button, LED, light sensor, accelerometer, ambi temperature €20
simplePack Plus 3.0 WiFi tracker Lite plus WiFi €25
simplePack Plus 3.0 WiFi trolley tracker Lite plus WiFi plus fixture €26
simplePack Plus 3.0 Door sensor Lite plus magnetometer €24
simplePack Plus 3.0 Reed sensor Lite plus reed €24
simplePack Plus 3.0 Senior Panic Button and tracker Sound Button plus WiFi €27
simplePack Plus 3.0 Temperature Lite plus precise temperature €25
simplePack Plus 3.0 Full Lite plus buzzer, WiFi, magnetometer, reed, precise temperature €34


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